Slusovice – Freedom Square


Slušovice Freedom Square is a rectangle with sides 150 x 50 meters, and its biggest landmark is the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. Even at the first cursory glance, we notice that it bears the characteristic features of the Baroque. The church divides the square into two parts: the eastern one, behind the church, has a park setting and we can find the AB Restaurant here. The western part consists of an open area, lined with houses, of which the building of the Municipal Office, the Kindergarten, and the building opposite, serving the hospitable interiors of the Přerovská restaurant, attract attention. The entire square in Slušovice was reconstructed, and thanks to this revitalization, our pieces of urban furniture were also placed here, which decorate its entire area.
Installed furniture: ROSTY bench, BOROLA bench, TWISTULA bench, SITEO stop shelter, KOLN trash can, PROBIKE bike rack, LANDSCAPE tree grids, JEKO barrier pillar.