design Jan Padrnos

A modular parking system for bicycles. This bicycle stand is designed so that a bicycle stands firmly and stably. A durable rubber sleeve protects the paint of the parked bicycles. It is standardly produced for four, six, or eight bicycles. Other parking places can be added upon your request. It is possible to order economical versions without the rubber protection as well.
The galvanized steel structure is treated with powder coating. The individual lamellas of the bicycle stand are connected through stainless steel tubes fixed with screw joints in one solid unit. There are rubber sleeves on the top part of the lamellas. At the bottom part, there are welded four stainless steel plates with holes for possible anchoring to the base.

Design based on type



L×W×H: 825×438×798 mm / 30 kg

stand with rubber sleeves / for four bikes



L×W×H: 1235×438×798 mm / 35 kg

stand with rubber sleeves / for six bikes



L×W×H: 1645×438×798 mm / 40 kg

stand with rubber sleeves / for eight bikes

Metal parts options
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RAL 7016

RAL 9005

RAL 9006

RAL 9007

Stainless steel

RAL 9003

RAL 3003

RAL 6021

Shade of Corten

Dimensions L×W×H
825×438×798 mm / 30 kg 1235×438×798 mm / 35 kg 1645×438×798 mm / 40 kg
different parking capacity on request
PROBIKE at Sokol stadium in Třebíč (version without rubber protection).
Modular structure
A modular structure allows even the assembly of atypical lengths of this bicycle stand. Other modification brings the possibility to use a small logo, sign or any writing on the side part of lamellas.
Possibility of color combinations
A visually interesting and very practical product with a wide range of color combinations. Thanks to rubber sleeves, a bicycle does not come into contact with the metal parts of the bicycle stand.
Bicycle stability
By placing the front wheel between the stainless longitudinal tubes, a bicycle is secured against moving even in the longitudinal direction. Therefore, it is possible to place this bicycle stand even on a slight longitudinal slope.

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