Highway rest stops


The aim of these projects was the reconstruction of the area of the existing motorway rest areas in km 52.0 of the D1 motorway (Střechov), 88.3 km of the D1 motorway (Humpolec), 63,3 km of the D3 motorway (Mezno), 121,90 km of the D1 motorway (Jamenský potok), and 318,00 km of the D1 motorway (Vražné). The areas are used exclusively as rest areas for motorists. In addition to new parking spaces, construction of new sewerage, water supply, retention tanks, and public lighting, there were also vegetation modifications (e.g. planting of greenery). The areas were also equipped with new urban furniture.
Installed urban furniture: park benches BOROLA, tables PIKO, litter bins MAG, litter bins BAS, information boards UNITAB