design Jan Padrnos

A heavy monolithic concrete litter bin highly resistant to vandalism. The combination of smooth and coarse concrete surfaces. An inner removable galvanized container. It is possible to place a metal label including a community sign or other graphic symbols on the front part of the litter bin.
Concrete cast in the mold – class C35/45. The metal parts of the litter bin are galvanized and treated with powder coating. The inner removable galvanized container. The litter bin is not anchored. It uses its own weight. Possibility to choose between scrubbed and smooth concrete.

Design based on type



L×W×H: 420×420×1000 mm / 160 kg / 55 l

scrubbed concrete body / roof



L×W×H: 420×420×1000 mm / 160 kg / 55 l

smooth concrete body / roof

Concrete parts options
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Scrubbed concrete

Smooth natural

Metal parts options
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RAL 7016

RAL 9005

RAL 9006

RAL 9007

RAL 9003

RAL 3003

RAL 6021

Shade of Corten

Dimensions L×W×H
420×420×1000 mm / 160 kg / 55 l 420×420×1000 mm / 160 kg / 55 l
The BEKO waste bin allows placing a metal label with the town emblem in the concrete body of the bin.
easy to place
The massive heavy concrete litter bin does not need to be anchored, which eliminates the need to prepare concrete foundations for its anchoring.
steel roof
The robust steel roof of the basket is equipped with plastic stops.
city sign
You can place a city sign, logo, or site name in the hollow at the front of the litter bin.

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