Ostrava – University


Around 10,000 students study at the University of Ostrava every year and, thanks to the unique composition of the faculties, it offers a varied and wide range of study programs. However, it is not only an important educational and scientific research institution. He is also a significant actor in the field of social and cultural events. The university is involved in life in the region and helps to change the face of Ostrava from an industrial center to a student city. The opening of the new City Campus in the city center also contributes to this. In 2021, the university celebrated its 30th anniversary. Her surroundings, where our furniture was installed – VEGA benches, RAILA baskets, RAILA DOG bag holders, TOMI stands – got a new coat.
Installed furniture: VEGA park benches, RAILA litter bins, RAILA DOG bag holder, TOMI bike stands