design Pavel Jura

You will definitely not miss the new relaxation set made of wooden prisms called JURA. At first glance, you will notice its respectable dimensions of 4000×4500 mm, as well as a certain “chaotic” appearance. However, after a closer acquaintance, you will find that the supposed “chaotic” on the contrary hides a sophisticated and functional solution. The set serves as a picnic table with benches, a bicycle stand, and even a lounger. This multifunctional solution can be used mainly in nature around hiking trails and bike paths.
The supporting structure consists of seven pieces of firmly connected, unbounded prisms made of douglas fir. The wood surface is smooth but untreated. The lower prisms are secretly anchored to the concrete foundation. In case, the set is placed on a solid base (e.g. paving), anchoring of the set is not necessary.

Design based on type



L×W×H: 4000×4500×750 mm / 800 kg

anchorage for unpaved surface



L×W×H: 4000×4500×750 mm / 800 kg

without anchoring - installation on paving

Wooden parts options
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Douglas fir

Dimensions L×W×H
4000×4500×750 mm / 800 kg 4000×4500×750 mm / 800 kg
Sophisticated set of spruce prisms forming the JURA set.

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